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FLARIS LAR 1 offers new quality in private transport. To complete the philosophy of creating a personal means of transport, the owners can create their own paint scheme of the plane, which will underline the individual character of the jet and express the personality of the owner.

In search of inspiration we announced a contest for the design of unusual paint schemes. Out of 200 submitted designs, the jury selected 5 winners and acclaimed 59 designs, and internet users also chose their favorite design.

Now you can create your own unique graphics which will express your personality and we will paint it on your plane.  We will customize the interior and finishings of the cabin to match your individual needs.

    • Small but comfortable car-like cabin, easily accessible from the ground without having to squeeze between the seats.
    • Variable profile wing (wing profile vary along wingspan) of variable geometry and specially designed profiles for high speed and lift-to-drag ratio and benign stall.
    • Door locking system (11 bolts) which guarantees an air-tight fit at minimum mass.
    • Clear arrangement of instruments on the dashboard.
    • Comfortable, light seats.