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The maximum efficiency of FLARIS LAR 1 is an effect of its properties, i.e. its revolutionary low takeoff mass (1500 kg this is the lightest jet on the market), state-of-the-art powerplant and exceptional lift-to-drag ratio (L/D=18).


FLARIS LAR 1 is one ton lighter than VLJ-class planes and introduces a new category of very light jets. This helps to significantly reduce fuel consumption and, therefore, the emission of exhaust gas, which makes FLARIS LAR 1 friendly to the environment.


FLARIS LAR 1 guarantees low fuel consumption and thus decreases the cost of traveling. Estimates show that with 5 passengers on board, the cost of fuel may be as low as 6 cents per kilometer per person. The small but comfortable car-like cabin made it possible to minimize the Dimensionss and weight of the airplane, which is beneficial to the economy and performance.