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Gregg Williams._Sylwia i Rafal Ladzinscy

Gregg Williams watched Flaris fly again

Gregg Williams, the manufacturer of the engine for the smallest and most economical passenger jet Flaris Lar 1, participated in the next stage of flight tests, which took place on May 22nd and 23rd at the Babimost airport in Zielona Gora...
FLARIS LAR1 first flight

Another Flaris will soar the skies

In a few months, another Flaris model - the FLARIS LAR1 MALE, will be ready for flight tests. It will be additionally equipped with FFAS® technology which will interact with an autopilot made by the American company GENESYS AEROSYSTEMS in order to develop new quality of flight control...
Flaris Lar 1

Flaris is undergoing flight tests

To date, FLARIS has already completed 42 takeoff and landing phases at the Zielona Góra Babimost airport (EPZG) and made two one-hour flights. During the flight tests the plane recorded an incredibly high climb speed of over 40 m/s...
FLARIS LAR1 first flight

FLARIS LAR1 first flight

We present the video and some photos from the first flight of the Flaris Lar 1 jet. Flight tests of Flaris are in progress...