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Innovative FLARIS

FLARIS LAR 1 was recognized by the National Center for Research and Development as an innovative technological design. Its originators, Sylwia and Rafał Ładzińscy, were...

The most powerful FLARIS

The freedom of travelling combined with the individual and personal character of the jet, driven by the motto FLARIS – FEEL FREE, have inspired the manufacturers to announce a contest...

Recognized by PARP

The Metal-Master company, which manufactured the FLARIS LAR 1 jet, was awarded in the „Innovative project” contest organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise...
Badania modelu Flaris Lar 1 w locie_15

FLARIS model flies

The first flight tests of a 1:3 scale model of the FLARIS LAR 1 jet were concluded with great success. The tests checked the proper behavior of the plane with maximum...