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Flaris Lar 1

Flaris is undergoing flight tests

To date, FLARIS has already completed 42 takeoff and landing phases at the Zielona Góra Babimost airport (EPZG) and made two one-hour flights. During the flight tests the plane recorded an incredibly high climb speed of over 40 m/s...
FLARIS LAR1 first flight

FLARIS LAR1 first flight

We present the video and some photos from the first flight of the Flaris Lar 1 jet. Flight tests of Flaris are in progress...
first flyight of Flaris Lar 1

Flaris has taken off. Flight tests are in progress

Last week the Polish FLARIS LAR1 jet took to the skies for the first time. The purpose of the tests was to develop the optimal take-off and landing configuration and to check the efficacy of the airframe's control system and stability...
Flaris Lar 1 - first flight

FLARIS LAR1 took off!

On April 5 the Polish FLARIS LAR1 jet engineered by the Metal-Master company took to the skies for the first time. Wieslaw Cena, an experienced and outstanding experimental pilot, sat at the controls of FLARIS LAR1!