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We showed the full-size Flaris

The full-size Flaris Lar 1 jet was shown for the first time at the International Defense Industry Exhibition. From September 4 to 7 in Kielce, visitors had the chance to see FLARIS LAR 1, the world's most economical business jet, which belongs to a new category of High Speed Personal Jets (HPJ)...
Flaris Lar 1_Zielona Gora

Flaris will take off from Zielona Gora

FLARIS LAR 1 was transported to the Zielona Gora Babimost Airport. The engineering crew of Metal-Master, the plane manufacturer, once again performed weighing and levelling of the aircraft and tested its control system...
New hangar of the Wroclaw Airport

Final engine tests completed

The world's smallest business jet Flaris Lar 1 has just completed the final engine tests. These are the plane’s last ground tests. Next month it will be transported to the airport, where it will take to the skies for the first time...

Fighter supported by Flaris wins the Trial by Fire

Oskar Kapczyński, who is supported by the manufacturers of the Flaris Lar 1 jet, has made his second appearance at the Trial by Fire professional boxing gala. Again, he was victorious!...