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targi w Kielcach

International Defense Industry Exhibition with Flaris

For the next three days, during the anniversary edition of the exhibition in Kielce, we will be showcasing the model of Flaris Lar 1 jet, just as we did last year. You can see it at the stand of the Lower Silesian Aviation Cluster...

Deputy Prime Minister visits Flaris factory

Today the Polish Deputy Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, visited the factory of Metal Master, the manufacturer of very lightweight Flaris jets. Mr. Morawiecki inspected the jets with great interest...

FLARIS in Abu Dhabi

FLARIS LAR 1 represented the aviation sector at international luxury, innovations and technology expo (The Big Boys Toys) in Abu Dhabi. High-net-worth individuals and VVIPs from Abu Dhabi... expressed their strong interest in FLARIS’s ...
Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki (on the right) inspects the model of the plane with great interest.

Flaris at the Defense Industry Exhibition

The International Defense Industry Exhibition took place from the 6th to the 9th of September. It is one of the most important European trade fairs for this business sector. Flaris Lar 1 made an appearance at this event...